The Results Are In!

So I finally had a followup to my MRI last week with my Podiatrist. It turns out I have a couple of things working against me:

#1. Focal marrow edema in my ankle

#2. Chronic tears of anterior talofibular ligament (ATF)

The current writeup is that a prior injury has wiped out the ATF in my left foot. This is the most commonly sprained ankle ligament and while I still have one, it isn’t attached to one another which basically means that lateral movements are tougher for me to make – think Tennis. Since I don’t have this ligament, it’s making my Achilles work extra hard to stabilize my foot and somehow this has caused a bone edema.

I think this makes the most sense. An x-ray a month ago ruled out bone spurs, the location of the pain is too low to be achilles tendonitis. So really that leaves achilles bursitis or this focal marrow edema.

The good news is that this is mainly biomechanical in nature. I was casted for a pair of carbon-fiber orthotics a couple of weeks ago, and my doc thinks that once I have these I’ll be in better alignment and have better support – so eventually the pain will subside. The more good news is that I don’t need a walking boot or a cast.

The bad news is time. It’s going to take awhile to heal and really the only thing I can do is ice water therapy. The Flector patches and NSAIDS aren’t going to really reduce the swelling, they may help on extra bad days but long term usage isn’t going to help.

At least I can walk and continue to work out. That’s the important thing, I’ll just need to deal with the pain.