Where Have I Been? Reading.

Man, I’ve dropped off the blogging planet. At least my father has stopped pestering me about my lack of blogging. However, I will try yet again to start it up some. What have I been doing? Reading … a lot of reading.

* Game of Thrones
* Clash of Kings
* Storm of Swords
* Feast for Crows
* The Name of the Wind
* Dragonbone Chair
* The Stone of Farewell
* To Green Angel Tower vol. 1
* To Green Angel Tower vol. 2
* The Blade Itself

Much of this, I attribute to finally getting into George RR Martin’s “A Song of Fire and Ice” series. The other part is that I think I was really down on Fantasy as a genre. Also, some of it I attribute to L. getting me a Kindle 3 for my birthday. I know the iPad people will want to know why I don’t have an iPad. The answer is simple, I have a laptop for that. If I want to read, I read. And to be honest the Kindle 3 is easy on my eyes, which I like.

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  1. Mike wrote:

    HBO is making a series on the Martin books… Could go either way from what I’ve seen from the castings so far…

    Posted 09 Dec 2010 at 10:14 pm