Age 5 in 1979

I celebrated my 36th birthday along with my older brother’s 39th birthday this weekend. For a very long time, my brother and I celebrate our birthday’s on the same day since our birthdays are about 3 weeks apart.

I got to thinking about my 5th birthday in 1979. We were living in Downers Grove at the time. My mom was still working nights, so my dad had night duty watching my brother and I. My dad was driving a maroon Monte Carlo (I loved that car). He came home that night and handed me and Mike the keys to his car and said, “Ter, your birthday present is in my trunk. Mike, help your brother get it!”

When we opened the trunk, a gigantic box was sitting in there all wrapped. It turned out to be the Star Wars Death Star Playset*. And, I think it still holds as the single greatest birthday present that I’ve ever gotten.

Thanks Dad.

* As an aside, $17.87 in 1978 is the equivalent of $50.00 in 2010. That was a lot of coin for my dad to drop then, considering he had boys aged 8,5 and a new born Tommy Peppers … as well as a bigger house in Downers Grove.

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  1. von wrote:

    Happy belated birthday, Terry.

    Posted 17 Oct 2010 at 4:34 pm