Cleveland West

Let’s see …

Kenny Lofton
Jim Thome
Manny Ramirez
Omar Vizquel
Roberto Alomar
Bartolo Colon
Albert Belle
Sandy Alomar
Herbert Perry (The Milkman)
Julio Franco

Players who played in Cleveland Indians teams and have also played on the White Sox.

With Kenny Williams’ latest move of acquiring Manny Ramirez, I’m thinking it’s too little too late. Losing that series to the Twins last week hurt. And then losing this weekend series to the Yankees hurt. BUT losing all those games to the Orioles, I think, hurt the most. There’s 32 games left. The White Sox have 70 wins. This means that they need to win somehwere between 86 and 90 wins which means that they’d need to @ least play somewhere over .500 ball – but likely higher with the way that the Twins are playing. With the bullpen in disarray, I don’t know if that’s possible.

The sad thing about all of this if that the Bears look awful. I have nothing to look forward too.