Mr. Mom

L. accepted a new position @ work last week – Assistant Scientific Director – and then she was promptly whisked off to Brighton, England for a conference. She knew that the chances were going to be good that she’d have to go, so the wedding we were supposed to be at this past weekend in St. Louis was sacrificed. The story, however, isn’t her trip across the pond – it’s me playing Mr. Mom.

Wednesday: I had to pick Mr. I up from daycare, so I left Evanston a little early. When I picked him up he was outside playing with everyone but I could tell already that he looked tired. When we got into the car he almost fell asleep and then when we stopped @ the car dealership to pick up a part he wasn’t interested @ all in the cars. When we got home, I took his temperature and it was a hot 103 degrees. So I gave him a bath and some Tylenol and he immediately went to bed.

Thursday: Couldn’t head into work since Mr. I still had a 102 degree fever in the morning. I took him to walk-in hours mainly because I wanted to rule out infection – especially since he did have surgery six weeks ago. No infection. Likely a virus. So he got a lollipop and we went home. Now, the main problem with Thursday’s is that is when our cleaning lady comes. So Mr. I and I had to go in the basement and play Wii and watch Bug’s Life until she was done. His nap was pretty uneventful and short. We went to Target to get some new Lego’s. And then we proceded to play with Star Wars Lego’s until bed time.

Friday: Mr. I slept until about 8 AM. I took a shower and then we headed into my office so I could check on a few things and also acquire some rubber bands since we needed some to fix a car launcher that was broken. Mr. I, of course, thinks my office is cool and I’m sure thinks it’s strange that all of these strangers not only know his name but also know that he was sick. After our visit to the office, we headed to the Home Depot to buy some washer cables since our new washer and dryer was coming that afternoon – during nap time. Me and Mr. I player Chutes and Ladders. Mr. I won – big. I never even get to the 40s in that game. Me and Mr. I played a game of Carcassonne. He won – big – with very little help. He still doesn’t really get the idea of NOT putting a meeple down everytime he puts a tile down, but he does love the tile aspect of the game. Washer/dryer guys come and haul away our old Amana’s and put in our new Kenmore Elite’s. Mr. I takes a LONG nap. We then went to get some new cars and a birthday present for one of his friends from school.

Saturday: Mr. I woke up super early today – 6:15 AM. I plopped him on the couch with a bowl of cereal and cartoons and slept for another hour. We then went to return some things to Home Depot and get some more cars. And it was @ this point where he had a meltdown. I knew he was pretty tired since he got up so early, but it culminated into my favorite game of “Daddy, I want a drink” then I hand him something to drink and it becomes, “I DON’T WANT A DRINK!” Eventually he ended up taking a longer 2 1/2 hour nap.

A couple of observations:

* It’s way easier to watch a 4 year old than say a 2 year old. If I have to go to the bathroom, take a shower or fold laundry I can say, “Mr. I, I’m going to be doing [INSERT ACTION HERE] in [INSERT ROOM HERE] are you going to be OK by yourself?” The answers always yes, and he’s able to entertain himself pretty darn good these days.

* I’m incredibly burnt out on junk food right now. It’s been days of mac and cheese, hot dogs, grilled cheese and chips. It’s been a nice vacation from cooking but I’m sick of junk food.

* Mr. I’s new favorite movie is Bug’s Life – I have to say every Pixar movie there is I can watch over and over again. I don’t really get bored of them at all.

* We got a Blu Ray player a couple of weeks ago, since our upscaling DVD player finally died. When I was getting one of L’s tired fixed @ the Costco they had a great deal on a good Samsung (~$120). It works natively with our Samsung TV and I have to say the picture for regular DVD’s and Blu Ray movies is outstanding.

* I literally sat in front of our new front loader washer for 40 minutes since I wasn’t convinced it was actually washing clothes with as quiet as the machine is. On top of that, I have to use so little HE detergent that I wasn’t really convinced. Pretty happy with the setup so far. However, our new steam dryer isn’t working so well (only powers up when you plug it in). I called up Sears and they’re bringing a new machine tomorrow.