One Goal

OK, ‘Hawks are up 3-2 with the next game in Philly.

Things I Liked

1. Line Changes – I was a bit shocked when I saw Hossa/Kopecky/Toews on the first line and then even more shocked to see the rest of the line changes, but they worked. I appreciate the overall team chemistry that the ‘Hawks have.

2. Even Penalty Calling – The first 4 games we’ve been totally hosed on the calls. Even the crappy makeup calls at the end of game 4 were infuriating since the ‘Hawks haven’t had any real chances until last night. It was very nice to see Hartnell get tagged for elbowing and Pronger nailed for cross-checking.

3. Neutral Zone Passing – Coming out of their own end and through the neutral zone, the ‘Hawks have looked sluggish and appeared to be relying on long passes through the neutral zone from board to board. Last night it looked like the shortened it up a little with better skating and shorter passing when bringing it into the Philly end.

4. Special Teams – John Madden on the penalty kill was huge and the last power play goal – when Pronger was in the box – was as pretty a play as I’ve seen in some time.

Things I Didn’t Like

1. Pronger/Timonen Getting Away With Murder – I still feel like we’re not getting the calls on these guys.

2. Versteeg – A couple of times he looked like we was being too cute with the puck. If anything, I wish he’d put it on net more and not try to make the pretty passes.

3. These New Sticks – Duncan Keith didn’t have a chance on the last goal when his stick broke.

4. The No Call on Hartnell – Clearly interfering with Niemi when sprawled on the ice.