Bucket of Random

I need to commit to posting more. Perhaps the more I lament how I don’t post will force me to post.


* 1000+ Disney World pictures can be see on my Picasa account. Very good time. Good weather and lots of fun.

* Mr. I is riding a “big boy” bike with training wheels. Starting and going fast have been mastered. Stopping? Not so much.

* Mr. I has mostly overcome his fear of his new swimming teacher. It still takes some prodding to get him to go into the water, but once in he’s laughing and flapping like a fish.

* Dandelion infestation appears to have been staved off this year. Our front yard, after a lot of work last year and this past fall is in good shape. The back yard, not so much. Minor dandelion infestation but since it’s the back yard, I don’t care as much.

* Last summer it was repair a chimney. This summer it looks like we might be putting in a new deck. I’m currently researching non-lumber options. Trex, appears to be the most popular.

* Cooking at home has been squarely focused on experimentation. Roasts done on the grill. No knead pizza dough. Perfecting buttermilk waffles.

* White Sox look like they’re in disarray.

* Blackhawks need to win tonight.

* Mr. I is stating T-Ball lessons at daycare. Apparently this will be taught by a former Montreal Expo. Awaiting a name. This ought to be interesting.

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  1. Brittany M wrote:

    Hi, I am a representative of Trex. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions on Trex that I can answer. I can be reached at question@trex.com or 800-BUY-TREX.

    Posted 20 May 2010 at 11:34 am