It is only February, but this has been one crazy 7 weeks.  January was all about the earthquake for me.  I’d like to thank all of you that showed support for Haiti and CHAI in particular.  I also quit my job and doing a few different things.  I’m seeing patients in the ED and also part of a medical software company.

March, I’ll be travelling to Haiti to help as much as possible.  I’ll have pics and will bring my Flip camera for video!

What has everone been up to, besides kids?

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  1. C wrote:

    I also quit my job and am doing a few different things – writing my dissertation, working on an article, teaching and maybe some consulting (although I think I need to keep that to a minimum).

    Ski trip to Colorado was awesome – no surprise. Next trip is James and I to Ireland for Easter to see family.

    We’re up for Beachwalk this year if others are… I’ve in conference in Chicago in late May so it might work out well.

    Posted 19 Feb 2010 at 3:31 pm
  2. Lara wrote:

    We listed our condo finally, and are looking at homes in Evanston. Hopefully the transition is smooth. It would be great if it happens BEFORE baby #2 arrives.

    Otherwise, not much. I’m spending most of my time trying to eat healthy baby foods, and not eating baked macaroni and cheese three times a day.

    Posted 24 Feb 2010 at 1:55 pm
  3. von wrote:

    Definitely up for Beachwalk, since it looks like Maine is a no-go. I’ll send out a blast to the list.

    As for the vonnites:

    Family is cool. Things are starting to get easier on A. as the kids get older. At 15 mos, my little girl is a complete blast. Very different personality from the boy. Also, unlike the boy — who continues to be all boy, all the time — she like baths. Which is good & less scented.

    Weathered a somewhat scary summer work-wise, but the fall picked up and winter has gotten really busy.

    Going to do the Chicago Triathalon this year; consider joining me in my pain.

    Posted 02 Mar 2010 at 3:06 pm