Page Objects, Google Wave and Why I Wish I Was In Zurich

The Google Test Automation Conference is going on in Zurich, Switzerland right now. And thanks to Jason Huggins‘ tweet and my Google Wave account, I’ve been able to see what’s been going on via this main wave. I’m slightly saddened by the fact that neither I or my team was able to go. In fact, the 2007 (NY) and 2008 (Seattle) conferences were quite enlightening for my team.

I am noticing a bit of convergence in some of the functional testing talk topics centering around Page Objects. Which is great! Page objects are a useful bit of abstraction especially when you’re doing functional testing … here’s a mini spiel on what they are from mine, Kevin and Pam’s testing tutorial @ PyCon 2009. And check out Kevin’s talk – specifically @ 7:06 – from PyCon 2009.