The Jest

I’m quickly approaching the 1/2-way point of Infinite Jest.

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I’ve noticed that I’m much more in tune with the pace and the multiple narratives that are being intertwined. What is tough the first 100 pages is the sheer amount of details that are revealed for about a dozen different characters. Couple that with time shifts, incredibly long endnotes and it’s a rough go. I will say that when you make it to the 30% mark it somehow feels a little easier.

In other news, we’re struggling with potty training. Mr. I is a champ when it comes to #1 but #2 is bit more problematic. Every now and again we can coax him into giving it up but no amount of bribery, coercion or information has added any kind of regularity. I know as a group you people mocked me for keeping tabs on his diaper contents and times … well, part of the trick I’ve read about figuring this out is understanding the timing associated with when it normally happens.

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  1. Lara wrote:

    Gambatte kudasai! You can finish, and hopefully enjoy, the book. Someday I will read Ulysses. It is a goal for me.

    On another note, yes…. we do mock you. Especially now that you have intimated that you STILL keep tabs on his diaper contents and times. Please tell me you don’t still have a log…..

    Posted 04 Aug 2009 at 7:57 pm