2008 Food Review

Mrs. Bone and I did the knife class at Sur la Table.  Highly recommend it for everyone.  (Is DMadsen still in the Chi?)  It got me thinking about food.  I realized that only Vince commented on our best meals/restaurants.  I won’t include the tasting for my wedding because I ate three to four meals in that setting.
My Bests of 2009:

New Restaurant experience: Le Bernardin-NYC (Nobu-Vegas is second, but brain cells don’t seem to work from that weekend)

Still #1: Tru

Grilling: Making the wings with the three variations (Buffalo, Asian Spice, BBQ)

Homemade Meal: Home- Prime Rib  Away- (tie) Moules and Steak Frites at Chez Fike and Celery Root with Lobster Soup at Neumayer’s Wine Bar


Overrated: Charlie Trotter’s (Topolobampo is a close second)

Meal: Signature Room (I was at a wedding)

What were some of your highs and lows?  Looking forward to 2009.  Moto coming up next week and going to explore some of DC’s finest next month.

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  1. Mike wrote:

    This one requires some effort…

    New: Stuzzichini, Italian finger food, right price for simple good food, proper Manhattans

    #2, db Bistro Moderne – clear winner of gnocchi of the year

    Still a favorite: Telepan, the homemade smoked trout appetizer is still dynamite

    Grilling: Del Friscos for an expense account New York Strip steak; (by me) Bittman’s 30 minute marinated flank steak (soy, lime, ginger, garlic, brown sugar in a ziplock)

    Homemade (by us): Third year in a row, linguini with clams pulled from LI Sound the same day (half butter, half olive oil base) w/ crusty bread

    Homemade away (by us): Brie Pesto Fondue, Beet, Watercress, goat cheese salad, Roasted pork tenderloin, Bread pudding (half chocolate, half plain, full heavy cream) made on a cold Fall day in front of a wood burning stove at Sam’s Lodge, Hunter Mountain, NY

    Homemade away (by others): Skin off the Thanksgiving turkey (grilled, butter herb rub, brined overnight)


    Otto (w/ Bravo, ‘Cenzo, Molly & J) Please note, rating not due to company…

    Overrated: Kittichai, Momafoku Noodle Bar, Vong

    Looking forward to returning to this year:
    +Eleven Madison Park
    +Babbo or Del Posto

    Looking forward to trying:
    +Jean Georges or Daniel for 5-7 courses

    Posted 18 Jan 2009 at 8:00 pm
  2. Vince wrote:

    I took the knife skills class at Chopping Block and Lincoln Square and loved it as well. Definitely worth the time, and it was interesting to try using a few different knives so see how the grips, weight, balance and length work for you. Wow, that sounded more masturbatory than I meant….

    Some places I want to try this year – The Publican (malpeque oysters!), The Gage, and more of the neighborhood Indian and Pakistani places.

    Some things I want to try cooking this year – braised short ribs, butternut squash soup, more fish, and want to brine something.

    Posted 23 Jan 2009 at 11:16 am
  3. csh wrote:

    Short ribs were on sale this week so we will be cooking them for the first time tomorrow – there’s a recipe in the Babbo cookbook that we’re going to adapt for the slow cooker. Have had a couple of good meals so far (looks like it will be better than 08) – Tribeca Grill for restaurant week this week and Telepan (first time back since July and first time I’ve had the smoked trout since before I got pregnant – I think it’s my favorite dish ever.)

    Posted 23 Jan 2009 at 11:19 am