Hail!! Hail!! Rock N Roll

I went to see Chuck Berry this past Saturday night at the Pageant. He sold it out.   All I can say is I wish I would have seen him years ago.  He can rock that is for sure.  HOWEVER……1.)  it was great to see him and there were some moments that I was really happy to be there.  When he played Johnny B. Goode everyone was going crazy.     2.)  Then there were some songs(ok, most songs) where he was WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY out of tune on the guitar.  
He did not have a play list he walked out on stage strummed the guitar and said you say it I’ll play it!  He was taking requests all night long.  The band had no idea what song he was going to play.  They had to sit back like the rest of us and find out what request he choose.  He would leadoff playing and then the band would kick in as soon as they figured it out.

Some friends seem to think that the guitar was out of tune, but I was 2nd row on the floor and I just don’t think he hit the notes. I have a hard time believing that his band would not do something if his guitar was THAT out of tune.  But hey, what do I know.  He tried to tune a bunch of times, but to no avail.  Sometimes it was hard to watch….I gotta be honest.  I saw people looking around adn you could tell they were thinking the same thing. 
Some songs he forgot the lyrics and just jammed on.  (ok, most songs…at least some of the lyrics).  I don’t think he completed and entire song. BUT on the other hand, once you settled in to listen, it was a night to remember!!!  Lest we forget…..he is 82!
Joe Edwards (the owner of the pageant and blueberry hill) came out and read some lines from Rolling Stones magazines 100 greatest guitar songs, of which, Johnny B. Goode was #1.  Some moments were uterly amazing!  Hey bottom line………….I just saw a rock n roll LEGEND live.    I mean………he is CHUCK FREAKIN BERRY!!!

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  1. Vince wrote:

    He’s 82?? Damn. Good for him.

    Posted 15 Dec 2008 at 7:01 pm
  2. terryp wrote:

    Mos Def is playing him in a new movie. The soundtrack sounds killer.

    I like Mos Def and I like Chuck Berry.

    Posted 16 Dec 2008 at 12:01 am