Umm they suck.  Yes the Ram’s really do suck and show no signs of life.  It is just painful to watch them.  The only reason that I could watch this past weekend was to see how high the score was going to go.

Word from the Obama camp is that JK WILL be announced as the new Secretary of State. 

Fans of the West Wing TV show, do you remember the character Charlie Young and his role on the show?  It sounds like my cousin may have a similar role.

I  look forward to next week’s United Soccer League meetings, my first as GM of the St Louis Lions.  The should be some good conversations held on the development of the league, Nike’s ownership and influence, and how the league plans to handle the fact that USL-1 teams are making the move to MLS.   People in St Louis still believe an MLS team is going to happen, I do not believe so.  I wish it would but I don’t think it will happen.  The other cities in play are strong and desirable candidates.

Portland appears to be readying for a jump to MLS.  They added a PDL team to the organization yesterday.

I am getting better at designing websites.  I would not say I am good at it but I am getting better.  Now if I could only learn how to make graphics.  I still have to pay a college kid to create graphics for me.  I will learn how to do it someday.

Anyone watch the World Series of Poker?  I can’t stand watching poker on TV.  I don’t see the attraction or point.  I would rather play. 

Gee I guess that sounds like an argument from some people about soccer. 

In any event, did you see St Louis’ own Dennis Phillips?  Great showing by him.  Great fan support from his family and friends.  He flew over 300 of them out to Vegas to support him and man were they loud.  They really brought the support.  His buddies from Broadway Ford Trucking brought in a truck horn and battery to make noise.  It is great when good thing’s happen to good people.  Dennis Phillips is one of those people.  I have run in to several people that know him and everyone has something great to say about him.



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