Weekend Wrapup

Saturday morning I noticed my neighbors furiously raking leaves into the street. Now, this is somewhat of a voodoo topic. The City says you don’t do that, but the streets workers always seem to the look the other way. On Saturday, the worker was totally cool and said to do what we needed to do. So I basically raked my whole front lawn into the street.

The Circuit City in Niles is being closed down – so it’s a liquidation sale. We went looking for a new camera. While we didn’t get a camera, we did get a cheap compact flash card for our old camera. The prices, while good, are still far better on Newegg.com.

Sunday, I went looking for a rake so Mr. I could help me outside with the the back yard. I didn’t end up finding one but I did find a little snow shovel that he was quite proud of. So proud that for an hour he watched me rake leaves while holding his little shovel in our front picture window.

Nice little NY Times ditty about Obama and our beloved White Sox. Yeah, that’s right the President-Elect is a White Sox fan. Kenny Williams/Barack Obama exchange:

“I’m interested in all these questions of foreign policy and national security,” Williams said. “In between his games, shooting a couple of baskets, he asks me, ‘What about your pitching?’ I said, ‘Excuse me, you worry about national security, I’ll worry about the pitching.’ ”