Going For the Win! v. Going For the Win?!

Going For the Win!

Last night’s speech was transcendent, important, emotional, philosophical, personal and quite possibly one of the most important moments I think I’ve born witness too on the campaign trail in my life.

Going For the Win?!

Whoa? Who? Really? You’re kidding me. Today John McCain turns 72. He’s had 4 bouts with cancer and realistically the argument that the GOP VP needs to be ready to step in is quite valid. A 44-year-old FIRST TERM governor of ALASKA? Ouch.

I mentioned to my friends @ work today that it’s time to unleash the DNC Lucca Brazzi. And sure enough, they did:

Rep. Rahm Emanuel, the 4th ranking House Democrat, said in a statement the choice of Palin “shows political panic.”

“Is this really who the Republican Party wants to be one heartbeat away from the Presidency? Given Sarah Palin’s lack of experience on every front and on nearly every issue, this Vice Presidential pick doesn’t show judgment: it shows political panic,” he said.

McCain is insane.

I need our only conservative Von to defend this choice for me. Go ahead Von, defend it. I double dog dare you.

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  1. von wrote:

    First, Peppers, I’m not a conservative. Conservatives ain’t pro-gay marriage and don’t have liberal positions on a bunch of other social issues. I’m a classic liberal.

    Second, Palin’s a Hail Mary. That’s clear. You’re dead right on her negatives, and the effect in light of McCain’s age. She has negatives. She isn’t the safe pick.

    Third, that’s a good thing. Despite the fact that McCain’s running neck-and-neck with Obama in the polls, the fundamentals favor the Democrat. McCain can’t afford the safe pick if he’s going to win. He’s going to have to take some risk.

    Fourth, Palin brings three things that are critical to McCain.

    A. She solidifies the Republican base. McCain has spent most of his career pissing off the the social conservative wing of the party, which is one reason why I like him. This election, however, their clout has been reduced to a single common issue: abortion. Palin’s credentials are impeccable for them.

    B. She’s appealing to moderates. She’s a mind-your-own business Republican. She has a maverick rep, and made her name taking on the Republican establishment. Her pro-life stance is tempered by the fact that she’s been a mary jane tokin’, gay-friendly R.

    C. She has, and is, an appealing story. She’s going to be tough for Biden to take on. Maybe she appeals to some % of Hill-dog die-hards. Moreover, the best knock against her highlights Obama’s primary weakness. It’ll be tough to keep talk of Obama’s inexperience out of any discussion about her.

    Palin’s a game changer. I still think Obama is the favorite. Heck, I may even vote for him. But McCain has taken a calculated risk, here.

    BTW, I thought Obama’s speech was pretty damn good as well.

    Posted 29 Aug 2008 at 2:30 pm
  2. Brett wrote:

    She’s the governor of a state that that has about as many people as Memphis, TN (~670,000). I seriously doubt the mayor of Memphis would get considered for a VP nod.

    Posted 29 Aug 2008 at 5:01 pm
  3. bridget wrote:

    I agree that Palin is a risky choice. Part of me cannot look past the irony of the situation: the one charge that McCain has repeatedly thrown against Obama is his “inexperience”; yet, at the fragile age of 72, McCain picks someone with extreme inexperience (domestic and foreign) to sit a pulse away from the Presidency. That makes me nervous. Flip-flopper?

    As for Obama’s speech, it was the most amazing composition of passion, words, and substance that I have listened to/read in my lifetime (heck, I watched it twice last night!). It was classic “they say/ I say” rhetoric, and it certainly lit a fire in my heart.

    Maybe I have deluded myself, but I believe that Obama is different, and I truly believe in his message and his ability to lead our ailing Nation.

    Posted 29 Aug 2008 at 5:58 pm
  4. Lara wrote:

    I loved the way he ended his speech calling on the McCain’s camp to not make this elecation a question of patriotism. Leave the patriotism out of it. Why would someone run for president if he/she wasn’t patriotic in the first place?

    I agree with Von. “It’ll be tough to keep talk of Obama’s inexperience out of any discussion about her.” It was the first thing I thought of when bloggers started bashing her inexperience.

    Again, I agree with Von. Voting Republican does not a conservative make.

    Posted 29 Aug 2008 at 6:45 pm
  5. david wrote:

    Question: When was the last time that US policy REALLY changed with the change of guard in the white house? This is pure theater. If you think a hand picked by the establishment candidate is really going to “change” anything, you are going to be disappointed. Remember, Bill Clinton killed almost as many Iraqis as Bush…

    Posted 29 Aug 2008 at 8:55 pm
  6. Shipdawg wrote:

    When Obama chose Biden it forced McCain to trun in another direction from Ridge, Romney, and Lieberman.

    Biden would have attacked all three ferociously becasue he worked with them on many committees in Congress.

    I will agree it looks as if it were a sudden change in choice for VP. It would not surprise me if it turns out that this was tuely indeed a panic move on McCain’s part.

    But when you get down to it and look at what she bring’s to the ticket it is impressive and she helps boost McCain in areas where he is weak.

    I was caught off guard.

    Posted 02 Sep 2008 at 3:27 pm
  7. terryp wrote:

    Indeed. I had forgotten that Shipley was the other counterbalance to our left-leaning see-saw.

    The talking-heads say it energizes his base. Who am I to argue? I’m not in his base.

    Posted 02 Sep 2008 at 4:05 pm
  8. csh wrote:

    Although I can’t believe nobody’s going to talk about how she is in favor of abstinence as a method of contraception and look where that’s gotten her daughter. I know it’s not about her family, it’s about her, but seriously…

    Posted 02 Sep 2008 at 4:49 pm
  9. terryp wrote:

    Irony == thick.

    Obama’s right. It’s off-limits.

    However, I think if anything McCain’s judgement should be brought to the forefront ASAP.

    Again, summon the Rahm! Summon the Rahm!

    Posted 02 Sep 2008 at 5:44 pm
  10. von wrote:

    Although I can’t believe nobody’s going to talk about how she is in favor of abstinence as a method of contraception and look where that’s gotten her daughter. I know it’s not about her family, it’s about her, but seriously…

    Isn’t this a perfect example of the ad hominem fallacy? I can find dozens, hundreds, if not thousands of teens who didn’t get edjumakated abstinence-only style but still got pregnant. If they don’t make a credible stat, are they relevant at all? Does the fact that one of them has parents who are pro-comprehensive sex ed discredit pro-comprehensive sex ed? At all?

    I’m against abstinence-only. But it has nothing to do, however, with any one person.

    Obama is right: lay off the kid. Not only is it unfair, but it really has no relevance to anything.

    Posted 02 Sep 2008 at 7:09 pm
  11. Shipdawg wrote:

    Yes it is Ironic, BUT it will have one heck of a spin machince protecting her.

    The Republican party will spin it as a hard working mother who is completely in touch with everyday people. She lives like everyone else and has the same issues as everyone in America today. So you can see a shift back to the family message once we get all of the patriot messages out of the way. Which I thought were a little over the top last night, but still necessary.

    From a Democratic stand point they have to be hands off of teh family BUT you knwo the Republicans will continually put it out there to bait the Dem’s into biting.

    Posted 03 Sep 2008 at 8:42 am
  12. theffer wrote:

    The way Palin handled her last pregnancy and now her daughters really demonstrates that she practices what she preaches. The Bible thumpers are now totally on board with McCain/Palin and they wont have to do a single thing more to keep that group happy. In all honesty its quite a coup.

    Posted 03 Sep 2008 at 10:42 am