Food Part Deux

You may remember this post. We did Trotter’s for B’s birthday. I thought it was

Food: Great, not excellent. B was bummed, she had a pairing based on her Chard (Talbott) and it was 4 Veggie plates, Rabbit, and Wild boar. No seafood/fish, I was surprised.
Service: Good, but considering the reputation…poor.

I can say I’ve done it, but I won’t go back. That may be their niche now. He’s really busy with his other places and maybe it has just become an institution. Gonna try to figure out Moto and Alinea in 2008 or beyond

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  1. mike wrote:

    Bone, what did you eat?

    Best thing I’ve had recently was something called 24 Hr lamb, a combination of slow stewed shoulder with bay leaves and maybe thyme and roasted leg meat with fingerling garlic mashed potatoes and some sort of reddish green leaf. Plate came with enough blood to fully color all mashed potatoes. Cleaned my plate. Starter was pea carbonara, also fantastic. Finished with cheese plate and a Madiera. Great meal. It was at Telepan, a place I frequent (say once a month)

    Other NYC places recently tried:
    -Hudson Hotel’s Cafeteria- Was OK, not remarkable, meaning I guess I’d go if someone else suggested it, but wouldn’t throw it out there. Sat on a wooden bench for 90+ minutes, no can do when you’re skinny. Did have a nice seafood risotto, but I think it was between $30-40, so the value for dollar wasn’t really there.
    -Valbella – A meatpacking Italian, nice room, very high prices, had carpaccio and linguini di mare, portions were large, but a bit plain for some reason. Seafood that came was top notch, borderline ridiculous (lobster tail, jumbo shrimp, manila clams, etc..) but the dish was almost too simple. Dessert however was off the chart. Had a molten choclate cake to rule all other molten chocolate cakes. The cake was very light, yet held up to the almost pudding-like interior, I was able to eat the goo out of the middle while the cake sides remained intact, like a volcano. Was served with a very intense vanilla ice cream. Also drank a nice Ruffino Riserva Ducale …Expense account only
    +The Palm. Working dinner in Midtown. Place itself is very ‘dealmaker’s paradise’, with large portions, large cocktails, and loud conversations. Had clams oreganata and a 10oz filet mignon, perfectly cooked. Sides at the table included delicious creamed spinach, fried potato strings. A very good meal for a Tuesday night, for a place I’m not really a fan of.
    +Avoce – Italian near Flatiron, pretty cool room in terms of design, C was in for this one. Starters were good, I had a very nice take on antipasto, getting eggplant caponata, roasted yellow and red peppers and mozzarella burata served in three square plates on a little rectangle tray. Entrees were pasta, I think I had rigatoni with lamb and broccoli, C had gnocchi. Good, not mind-blowing, and a bit pricey as places like Franks serve up similar entress for $10-15 less and is tasty too. More of a social special occaision place than a once a weeker. But would go back.
    +Bar Stuzzichini – Went here for small plates before Toby & Danielle’s enagagement party. Over by Union Square, we were very pleased with this place. You pick 5 small plate items for $25, across veggies, cured meats, cheese and a few hot items like polpetti. Polpetti very good, cured stuff was all good and served green olives that were great and unusual, but a few were a bit unripe. Very good bang for your buck, would go back, works out great as you can order quantity accordingly as you eat what comes out.

    Dylan Prime – C went here without me to the lounge (very big), had mini beef wellingtons and fondue as an after work snack. She would definitely go back, appeared to have a good cocktail list.

    Due to the above, I’m officially back in training… : )

    Posted 13 Apr 2008 at 6:47 pm
  2. bjurk wrote:


    B and I had a similar experience at Trotters. I went with my family last year and had a total lackluster experience. Food was good to just ok (maybe my palate just doesn’t appreciate salmon sorbet), and the service was just not good. found the wait staff somewhat haughty and condescending. plus we waited 30 minutes in the tiny lobby for our seating, for which we were on time, and the place felt like a blast furnace. so we were pretty uncomfortable the entire time too.

    I’m up to try Moto anytime you like!

    Posted 14 Apr 2008 at 7:59 am
  3. Dr. T_Bone wrote:

    Started with an Oyster and Granite paired with a nice Brut. Pretty standard stuff

    A Poularde with garlic was next. This was with a nice sweet Riesling. The dish was really good, but I could have used a bit more.

    The meal started getting interesting at this point. I got Steamed Cod with English Peas and Pork Cheek. Really good with the Chard.

    Then I received Bjurk’s B’s fave…squab with onion Marmalade and a cocoa nib. A great dish, but the wine it came with was better. (Valpolicella Classico Superiore “TB” Bussola 2003)

    Venison Loin with sage, dried plum, and rutabaga. Best dish of the night!! The Malbec perfectly complimented it.

    Sake Sorbet with Asian Pear and Jasmine Rice-forgettable. The Ice wine was good

    The deserts were good, but one stood out. Venezuelan Chocolate Custard with Lime, Grilled Nopales (cactus) and Agavero (tequilla) Jelly~ I knew what they were trying to do and appreciated it. It tasted good if you had everything in the right proportion. If you didn’t, not good!

    B’s highights were her Saffron Risotto, Wild Boar, and Rabbit. Lowlights were her White Asperagus with Fava Beans and Mushroom and the Yellow Beet Sorbet.

    Posted 14 Apr 2008 at 10:29 am
  4. von wrote:

    Finished with cheese plate and a Madiera.

    Cheese and port – probably my favorite fancy dessert. (Yeah, yeah, I know that a Madeira [note, per Wikipedia, it's e before i] isn’t precisely a port – but close enough.)

    My experiences with Trotters are all years old, but they pretty much mirror Dr. D’s. One time we went, it was simply fantastic. But all of the other times, it was really uneven … and more than once I left with the “are you f_cking kidding me, or just f_cking me” feeling.

    Posted 14 Apr 2008 at 3:03 pm
  5. theffer wrote:

    I found a six pack of Old Style at the grocery store last night. So I sat around the house drinking classy beer and eating beef jerky while putting the finishing touches on an agreement between Booz and some pain in the butt small business.

    Posted 15 Apr 2008 at 6:58 am