Year End…

The Young Thomas was giving me crap about not posting a recap of 2007 like I have in the past. Well, here’s an abridged version:

Top Five Albums 2007:
1. Battles – Mirrored
2. Spoon – Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga
3. Radiohead – In Rainbows
4. Ricardo Villalobos – Fabric 36
5. Kevin Drew – Spirit If…

Top Five Someone Schools Me With A Music Recommendation 2007:
1. Bill insisting I listen to “The For Carnation”
2. Matt insisting I listen to “The Marked Men”
3. Matt, again, insisting I’ll like “King Khan and BBQ”
4. Bill, again, telling me I’ll like Villalobos’ Fabric 36 set
5. Tommy telling me I’ll like “Beulah”

Top Five, “I Should Listen to This More” in 2008:
1. The Clash
2. Guided by Voices
3. Explosions in the Sky
4. Craig Wedren
5. Marked Men

Top Five Books of 2007:
1. What To Expect the First Year
2. Happiest Baby on the Block
3. Harry the Dirty Dog
4. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
5. Get Back into the Box: Innovation From the Inside Out

Top Five Movies of 2007:
1. Once
2. The Fountain
3. Ratatouille
4. Hot Fuzz
5. Syriana

Top Five Books of 2007 (That I Have, But Haven’t Read….Yet):
1. Spook Country
2. Redemption Song: Ballard of Joe Strummer
3. Programming Erlang
4. Shadowmarch
5. Happiest Toddler on the Block

Top Five Web Sites of 2007:

Top Five Mr. I, Moments:
1. Rolling him a ball, and him rolling it back (9 months)
2. Finally rolling over (5 months)
3. Pulling to a standing position (9 months)
4. Proudly holding my son while the GZA croons Liquid Swords (8 months)
5. Seeing him everyday

Top Five Programmer-y, Work-y, Nerd-y Moments:
1. Graced with the responsibility of running my own team
2. Pair programming, mentoring, teaching, helping my teammates
3. Understand 75% of what everyone was talking about @ PyCon Dallas
4. Getting accepted to GTAC New York
5. Still learning….everyday

Top Five Things That Made Me Happy in 2007:
1. My beautiful, tough as nails, inspiring wife
2. My son
3. Drinking beers with Tobias in D.C., with Mr. I in tow
4. The roof – expensive as it is – over my head
5. The friends and family that I have

Top Five Things That Made Me Sad in 2007:
1. Mr. I, and his many daycare driven illnesses
2. Not being able to watch as much TV or movies
3. Seeing Bill, Perkins and the Cap’n leave
4. Not being able to see my friends as much
5. Anytime I had to buy pants

Top Five Sports Thoughts From My Inner Monologue in 2007:
1. “We’re beating the Colts! We’re beating the Colts! We’re beating the Colts!”
2. “Shit, I’m @ opening day with Tommy and Neumayer!”
3. “THIS is the 2007 Chicago Bears?!!”
4. “THIS is the 2007 Chicago White Sox?!!”
5. “Please, God, don’t let the Cubs make it to the World Series. Pretty please?”

Top Five Programming Thoughts From My Inner Monologue in 2007:
1. “What’s the difference between and re.match again?”
2. “Ah Ha! Perfect case for an object….wait, that’s stupid Terry…wait, is it?”
3. “JP, I have a question….[insert idiotic Python question here]”
4. “Kumar, I have a question…[insert totally insane Python question here, I can't ask JP]”
5. “Man, after all these years…I still hate you Perl. I still hate you.”

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  1. von wrote:

    I don’t have a best of ’07. I did, however, just return from Vegas and in anticipation of going back there real soon, I offer the top 5 learned experiences from Vegas:

    1. Bring a jacket. You get treated differently (and better) when you’re wearing a jacket — even if it’s just a jacket and crummy jeans. (A jacket and shorts, however, is probably a no-go.)

    2. You must aggressively follow the rules in Blackjack. Hit 16s against 17 and up. Hit 12s when the dealer shows 3. Look for opportunities to double down. Split when the odds demand it. Have no fear.

    3. Pay tight-aggressive in low-mid limit poker (4-8s, 6-12s). Play as few hands as possible but, when you do play a hand, take control and play it. No limping in. (This doesn’t work in low limit, i.e., 2-4 or 3-6, when everyone will see more pots.) (Followed this advice for 1/2 a night and went up $50; got drunk and started to disregard, and lost $100.)

    4. The Palms is not bad at all — in fact, it’s my new number #2 (I stayed there the first time this trip). Nice place to gamble. Didn’t go this time, but the Playboy club probably would have been worth a trip. The only reason why the Palms doesn’t best the Bellagio for me is its distance from the strip. But its proximity to the Gold Coast (locals – nice environment – old school) almost makes up for it. (Rio is also close by.)

    5. Pay the spa fee. I’m not kidding. Pay the $20-$30 and start your day with a workout followed by wandering around the spa area. You get all the water, fruit, granola, shaving/grooming products you could possibly desire — hell, I make money off the fee. (The spa at the Palms wasn’t bad, but Bellagio is king.)

    And, now, two further observations:

    1. The Wynn is overrated. The rooms are probably fantastic, but minimum tables were $50 on a Saturday afternoon. Sorry, I’m not playing 50/hand.

    2. The jury on Planet Hollywood is still out for me. It has kept the layout of Aladdin (it’s former self), which isn’t all that great, but the look has definitely improved. It’s a Starwood property, which means points come into play (at the hotel at least – can’t get points at the tables) (yes, I asked). Loud, but not as loud as NYNY. (I need to lose money in a soothing atmosphere.) Didn’t get to see the Pleasure Pit dealer/girls (basically, a Playboy-club style area that opens at 8 p.m.), but listening to the daytime dealers bitch about how the Pleasure Pit dealers are all idiots who can’t count to five was almost as good.

    Oh, and for TerryP: I’m finally starting to like craps. Although, true to form, there’s a real possibility that one or more innocent bystanders will take a die to the face when I’m throwing.

    Posted 07 Jan 2008 at 5:47 pm
  2. Lara wrote:

    Wonderful, Terry. Simply wonderful. I especially like the sadness of buying pants.

    Posted 07 Jan 2008 at 9:39 pm