Emacs! No, Vi! Vi! No, Emacs!

Programming, minutia alert – this is nerdcore stuff, but dramatic and silly kind of like 90210. And I know how much the gang adores 90210, so follow along with Wikipedia.

Last April I blogged about some Ruby on Rails drama vis a vi Twitter. As a bystander and casual user of Ruby, I thought it was both cool (plugin created to solve Twitter’s problem developed by open source community) and hilarious (Mark Pilgrim’s translation of DHH’s response).

Apparently “Days of Our Ruby on Rails” continues – this time from Zed Shaw, creator of Mongrel. He’d been working on a draft of a rant entitled, “Rails is a Ghetto.”

Whoa? Rails? Ghetto? What?! I lovingly and jokingly kid all of our Rails guys that they just wave their magic wand and shit gets done. Or, that the code that’s written in Ruby for Rails is just so goddamn beautiful and expressive that it should be on display @ the Louvre. There are many things about the framework that I envy, and there are many things about the language that I like – but I think Python fits my head much better.

Anyway, Zed’s rant is an interesting and profanity-laced read – some of it might have some solid footing and some of it might be personal. But it’s interesting nonetheless. I wonder if we’ll get a DHH response and – I PRAY! – a Mark Pilgrim translation of that response.

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  1. zerbie wrote:

    Huh. He has a lot of interesting stuff to say, for sure, but I am having problems getting past the whining about not being able to find a job. I am far more swayed by “Rails is a ghetto because DHH’s shit needs to be restarted 400x/day” than I am by “Rails is a ghetto because I am fucking awesome and yet cannot find work.”

    Posted 03 Jan 2008 at 2:05 am