Holiday Weekend Wrapup

Yeesh. Where do I start?

L. was off last week. I think she needed the break from work, but you really don’t get a break when you have a 9 month old. Being the trooper that she is, she spent a lot of quality time with Mr. I while still being able to take care of some household things. She’s an amazing woman.

We drove down to St. Louis on Thursday afternoon. Took us 7 hours to get down (that included a 1 hour stop @ an oasis on 294 to eat and feed Mr. I) and 6 hours to get back. In both cases Mr. I was excellent. He either slept or goofed around with whoever was sitting in the back seat of the car. Speaking of car, 27 MPG on the highway. Yeah, it’s not 30 but we made it there and back without refilling the tank – which is nice.

St. Louis was great. We packed pretty light and purchased some St. Louis baby items so we don’t have to lug thing each way (pack and play, cups, spoons, etc). Friday we went to the zoo, I’ll post the pictures in a bit. Mr. I got a real kick out of the Penguin and Puffin coast exhibit, which is my personal favorite @ the St. Louis zoo. Friday night L. and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary! L.’s mom babysat, so for the first time in roughly 9 months we were out and about without Mr. I. It was great, but weird. It’s odd when you have time to not be in a constant vigilant state watching what the baby is doing.

Saturday, L.’s dad and friend Tara came over to the house to visit Mr. I. The dude is a big time show off now with his standing. Also on Saturday, I reactivated the XM radio in the car since we’re getting a great deal on it (< $6 / month and no reactivation fee). XMU on the way home was great. Sunday, as I mentioned before was the day of travel. We intentionally left Sunday so we could have Monday to recoup and get some stuff done around the house in advance of the weekend. Yesterday came and went without incident. We took a walk along the lake in the morning, ate lunch @ Chipotle in downtown Evanston and then we were treated to some “cruising” by Mr. I. Not only can he stand now, but he can take little steps to the side so he can now move around our ottoman. He had a couple of spills, but nothing big. I took him to the supermarket while L. finished up some work and that’s basically it. One of his top teeth finally popped out too and the other one’s on it’s way.

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  1. csh wrote:

    Happy Anniversary – I can’t belive it’s been 5 years already! Sounds like a nice weekend – look forward to finally (hopefully) eating Ian this weekend.

    My weekend was nice. I ran, cleaned the living room, and watched tennis on Saturday (Mike was at work). We had a zipcar on Sunday and Monday so Sunday we went up to Mark and Veronica’s, stopping at Costco on the way. I lazed by the pool, read, swam and ate, while Mike helped Mark put up his new backstop and played Whiffle Ball. On Monday, I drove Mike to work and then went grocery shopping at Fairway – so nice to have a car! Then I cleaned the kitchen, read the weekend’s papers, and watched tennis. Not very eventful – I brought three things home for work and only did one of them. Oops – will be a busy week!

    Posted 04 Sep 2007 at 9:12 am
  2. Vince wrote:

    Congratulations! 5 years ago – sweltering under the St. Louis sun. What a great time that was. Mad Libs on the ride down (remember Quality Tim?) and then lost all my gambling money ($40) in 5 minutes at Blackjack. Great reception but whatever happened to the painist?

    Had a wonderful weekend of hanging out. Saw a lot of friends and neighbors. If anyone has Bobby Flay’s recipe for 12 hour baked beans, make them. Amazing flavor. Saw Cymbeline at the Shakespeare theater – a rare miss. It’s like Shakespeare stew, all his usual plot elements thrown together but no finesse. Started a batch of peach ratafia from the NYT recipe, I’ll let you know how it turns out, and hopefully I won’t go blind.

    Posted 04 Sep 2007 at 11:25 am
  3. von wrote:

    Congrats, T & L!

    Posted 04 Sep 2007 at 8:44 pm
  4. Lara wrote:

    Christine looks forward to finally “eating” Ian this weekend? Yikes. Let’s hope he learns how to walk, and fast.

    Posted 04 Sep 2007 at 8:57 pm
  5. csh wrote:

    LOL – apparently I was thinking about something else. Don’t worry I won’t eat the young fella, well maybe just a nibble if he’s really cute.

    Posted 05 Sep 2007 at 7:48 am
  6. tpep wrote:

    T & L, congratulations!!

    christine, weird. LOL!

    Posted 05 Sep 2007 at 9:20 am
  7. shipdawg wrote:

    Happy Anniversary. Hope you enjoyed your time in St Louis. Fantastic weather this past weekend.

    Unfortunately the Mizzou vs Illinoins game was played in a dome and we did not get to enjoy the weather but it was great tailgate and afterparty weather.

    Posted 05 Sep 2007 at 1:40 pm