Swordstyle v. Comment Spam

Looks like the comment spammers are back.

I subscribe to the comment RSS feed, so I can monitor who’s posting what to Swordstyle. What I’ve noticed is two things: (1) There are lurkers (welcome!) and (2) Akismet can only do so much.

Akismet is the built-in WordPress comment spam blocker which has done one heckuva job of keeping the riff-raff out of the Swordstyle comments. But I’ve found lately, that it’s not enough. Comment spammers or bots are unearthing way old Swordstyle posts and commenting on them. So, I installed a new WordPress plugin that disables comments for posts that are older than a certain period of time (which is fine, we’re not talking about my trials and tribulations of commuting from Wicker to Evanston anymore).

Keep an eye out folks, if you’re comments seem weird, aren’t showing up, etc then mail me.