Whirlwind == Weekend

I did an “in and out” to Toronto last Wednesday with the Business cats, and then I was off on Friday as we were heading down to St. Louis for a wedding. So apologies for the lack of posts. Busy with work and busy at home. A couple of things to report though:

  • The drive down to St. Louis was a snap. While we didn’t get out until 1 pm, we timed it perfect with I.’s afternoon nap. We made it all the way to Springfield before he woke up and needed to eat and get his diaper changed. Total of 6 hours driving.
  • The drive back was a bit tougher since we didn’t time it right. We got onto 55 from 270 and basically had to stop @ the first rest stop to feed/change him. Then, we got all the way up to Pontiac before we had to do the same thing. Total of 6.5 hours of driving.

Overall, the experience wasn’t that bad but as I told L., I think we’re going to have to investigate the possibility of flying to St. Louis more often. It’s not that I mind the driving, I don’t, but as I. get’s older it’s going to be tougher to entertain him and tougher to travel with him. Joel says that between then ages of 1-2 you’re SOL in terms of air travel mainly because you can’t keep someone @ that age occupied in a contained space.

There’s also a possibility I. will get to see his long lost Uncle Toby and Aunt Danielle in D.C. in May (if they’re around and if we go through with said trip). L.’s got a conference to go to, D.C. is nice in May and as I said to Tobias, “It’s not like there’s a law that says you can’t bring a 5 month old to a bar with you….” Well, maybe there is.

And by the by, East coast crew, enjoy the weather while you can. You’re going to get hammered with the slop we go today and then the slop we’re getting tonight.

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  1. Shipdawg wrote:

    By the time you make your next trip to the STL you will probably be in the tick teething stage.

    When he wakes up a little Scotch on the gums and he will be right out.

    Scotchie Scotchie Scotchie…mmmmmmm

    Shipdawg will be arriving in the NYC this friday and I am there until Sunday evening. If anyone is interested in getting a drink we can meet up. I will be staying just across the river in Hoboken. A friend of mine lives in one of the highrises with a great view of the Manhattan skyline. The Hudson Ferry dumps off at his front door.

    Posted 12 Feb 2007 at 1:42 pm