Tiptoe in the Springtime

First day of Spring in Chicago! And predictably there’s a windchill of 15 degrees. Wait until June, eh?

In other news, I was able to finally ‘grok’ some of the path problems that I was having with Python. A helping hand from a work colleague and reading finally getting around to reading chapters 15-17 in Mark Lutz’ and David Ascher’s Learning Python. A definite reality check since I was more attuned to filesystem paths in Ruby and PHP as opposed to Python’s nifty – but hard to grok – library paths. So, I should be full steam ahead with my Twill tests.

What I’ve noticed about my library of programming books is that not only are they an excellent introduction to each language, but they’re also invaluable as reference when I get stuck on something. RTFM comes to mind, yes – but when you need to understand some of the nuances of the languages you’re programming in sure you could probably find the answer on the Web somewhere, it’s comforting to have something tangible you can leaf through – markup – etc.

Also, I’ve been mulling over some different simple web applications that I’d really like to start working on. Very early stages of thinking about them and to be honest they’d be dead simple. More on that later.