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Groundhog Day

I’ve been blogging for a couple of years now – so I think it’s rather amusing that if I search Swordstyle for Groundhog Day that my search returns entries from a couple of years ago. How about these oldies (not goodies)… Tough Crowd (2004.02.02) Damn You Punxsutawney Phil! Damn You! (2003.02.03) Well, according to some […]

Hello World

I think those people very close to me understand how I’ve come to enjoy programming – but to others that aren’t in the business or in the know might find it odd. Really, it can all be attributed to my dear friend, mentor, colleague, and former dueling guitarist – Mr. Joel Grossman. I can very […]


Master Derryk Madsen is engaged, gents!

From the World of Agriculture

Monsanto is now in a buying mode……this is a good move for the company. I look for few more more opportunities to purchase corn and cotton breeding companies. Right now monsanto is a sound investment and we should see stock prices increase. LATEST NEWS 7:47 AM CST Tuesday Monsanto forms new seed business through acquisition […]