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I’ll Take Gary Gnu’s for $400, Alex.

Clay Shirky guestblogs a rather interesting opinion regarding the recent bankruptcy filing of the Tribune. And as a sidenote, I came across this article regrading the rather unhealthy financial situation of the New York Times. Two thoughts: #1 – I find interesting is the stark reality ahead for news services and music companies. It’s clear […]

Is this really National News?

Seriously, Is a Starbuck’s price increase really National News.  I pull up and one of the main stories on the front page is Starbuck’s price increase.    

Babies, Babies Everywhere!

I was going to post this on Saturday when L. and I first heard the news from Bravo, but figured it would be better than Vince and Bravo send out their own announcement. As you can see, the counters are no longer counting since both I. and H. are now comfortably here. Not that MacKaye […]

The Arrival!

Time is short, and I’m done sending out emails and calling people. However, in deference to everyone I figured I would post a message about the arrival of our son. At 1:50 AM, Mr. Peppers decided to greet his parents @ Evanston Northwestern Hospital some cries, shouts and I swear I heard a giggle. Some […]