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What’s your favorite Chicago restaurant? I’m talking food, service… everything!! I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. I’m bummed Schwa closed. I’ve always wanted to go, heard good things; but never seemed to get around it. For me, I love Japonais because of the sushi and the steak. They take two very simple things […]


How bad of a parent do you have to be to lose custody of your kids to Kevin Federline? How slow of a news day is it that I give a care about this?      

U2 Free Concert Today in NYC

22.11.2004 In New York City – Today! The rumours are true – the band are set to appear in a few hours time in New York City. Details below. U2 will make a brief TV taping at The Empire, Fulton Ferry State Park, east side of the East River, just north of Brooklyn Bridge. This […]


this site sucks!!! just kidding. it sure is quite, everyone must be out hunting wabbits.