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Tales of Public Transportation, Part Whatever

So today on the Metra, I discovered the following things that annoy the living hell out of me. Open letters to those fuckheads that bug me. [1] Loud, senseless yappping on one’s cellphone – Dear Northside Fan in Your Striped Trendy Shirt and Spiky Hair – I understand we now live in a world where […]

tales of public transportation

When I was watching the news this morning I noticed that it was going to be something like 80 degrees today. *insert Will Smith’s Summertime* I decided to shitcan the idea of wearing my Northface fleece since it was going to be so warm. I opted for a simple hoodie instead. L. and I got […]

public transportation tales

I have two new beefs related to public transportation – sleeping people and people that dont’ share. Sleeping people, first. Every night I board the same train to meet up with L. and every night there are @ least 7 or 8 people sleeping in a bench with their gigantic bag(s) next to them. Now […]

public transportation tales

I haven’t had a “public transportation” tales blog entry for quite some time, so I figure it’s time to shine the spotlight on what I call “anonymous interaction with public transportation buddies.” There’s two kinds of people that ride public transportation, as far as I’m concerned. There are those people that feel the need to […]