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Public Transportation – Subway Etiquette

So I’ve been pretty obviously pregnant for some time now and ride the subway at least twice a day.  I get on at the first stop in the morning so always get a seat but the ride home is more predictable.  I originally thought that it wouldn’t be a problem, that someone would get up […]


It might be $4.09/gallon gas. It might be that I’m a chubby old man these days. Or, it might be a way to just clear my head in the morning and afternoon. I rode my bike to work today – a whopping 1.3 miles. It took an amazing 9 minutes, which is 4 more minutes […]

Tales of public transportation

Well this is really about private transportation but sure hey… So I cycled to work today for the first time.  I thought I didn’t have to go in and had a long training ride scheduled but then realized I had a meeting so decided to give the biking commute a shot.  It’s about 12 miles […]

Bill Nye, Science Guy

While L. was taking a shower today, I was flipping through channels while reading the newspaper online. I stumbled upon ‘The Eyes of Nye‘ hosted by none other then Bill Nye, the Science Guy. I caught Episode #11 re: Transportation and of course in the 4 minutes that I watched found it incredibly interesting. Some […]