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Mr. Mom

L. accepted a new position @ work last week – Assistant Scientific Director – and then she was promptly whisked off to Brighton, England for a conference. She knew that the chances were going to be good that she’d have to go, so the wedding we were supposed to be at this past weekend in […]

Custom Grind

A couple of weeks ago I saw an episode of America’s Test Kitchen on PBS. The episode was a homage to burgers and fries. I had kind of played around with grinding my own meat a couple of years ago after seeing a Good Eats episode but it didn’t work out so well, so I […]


I learned a couple of new things about ironing this weekend that likely would have helped my arse out many years ago. Instead of doing delicates piecemeal during the week, I do them all @ once now on Saturday or Sunday morning. Delicates are Cold/Cold and Tumble Dry Low/Dry Flat. When it comes to ironing, […]

Weird Conversations

It’s that time in Mr. I’s preschool class where all of the 5+ year olds are leaving his class and going to real Kindergarten. I say real Kindergarten because these are the same kids who don’t take naps during naptime and go to some mysterious room for something called “Pre K.” Anyway, Mr. I and […]