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Election Day

Well, I had to wait in line for about an hour but I’m finished. I opted for the paper ballot over the electronic one.

Going For the Win! v. Going For the Win?!

Going For the Win! Last night’s speech was transcendent, important, emotional, philosophical, personal and quite possibly one of the most important moments I think I’ve born witness too on the campaign trail in my life. Going For the Win?! Whoa? Who? Really? You’re kidding me. Today John McCain turns 72. He’s had 4 bouts with […]

Did Anyone Else Catch….

Ron Paul doing what looked like a “raise the roof” and a Dean-ian “yearghhh” @ his rally for 4th place? A bit worried with Clinton’s showing (as of this writing it’s 61% reporting…crap). We shall see…I think the fake cry/choke up was an excellent move. Nice win for McCain.

Double Digits

So Obama’s up by double digit’s according to the latest polls. I stand totally corrected, Bjurk was right: 12:48:23 PM Terrance Peppers: so now what 12:48:25 PM Terrance Peppers: 5 days 12:48:31 PM Terrance Peppers: can he beat her there? 12:48:37 PM burkethejerk: hell yeah 12:48:46 PM Terrance Peppers: well come on 12:48:50 PM Terrance […]