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The Year in Lists

Top Five Albums of 2008 1. The Sea and Cake – Car Alarm 2. The Constantines – Kensington Heights 3. The Hold Steady – Stay Positive 4. Sigur Ros – Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust 5. Deerhunter – Microcastle Top Five Films of 2008 (note: I have yet to see any of the […]

Weekend Wrapup

Saturday morning I noticed my neighbors furiously raking leaves into the street. Now, this is somewhat of a voodoo topic. The City says you don’t do that, but the streets workers always seem to the look the other way. On Saturday, the worker was totally cool and said to do what we needed to do. […]

An Open Letter ….

Pardon me. Dear Ass Clown Who Stole My Obama/Biden Sign – I don’t care if you’re a Democrat/Republican/Libertarian/Independent/Socialist/Communist/Terrorist or what, but stealing all of the Obama signs on my block was silly. Really. What exactly are you going to do with 5 Obama/Biden signs? Maybe you burned them. Maybe you put them in the trash. […]

Finally …

It’s been a long time coming. I felt outrage in 2000. I felt swindled in 2004. And to be honest, I feel sincere redemption in 2008. There’s more work to do, but this is the first step. Update: Man, super props to Mike. From 4 years ago…. Obama in 2008 is one of the few […]