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PyCon 2009 … Ask a Functional Web Testing Panel …

PyCon 2009 is right around the corner, I mean right around the corner and I’ve been kicking it into overdrive over the past couple of weeks getting prepared. I’ll be teaching a tutorial with people from my team at work and giving a talk on configuration modules in Python, I’m much more excited to be […]

There Goes the Neighborhood

I’m pretty pleased to report that I went 2 for 2 on talk proposals for PyCon 2009. The panel I submitted and the talk I submitted were both accepted for the annual Python Conference. Panel: Functional Testing Tools The purpose of this panel is to allow the maintainers to introduce (or reintroduce) their functional testing […]

GTAC 2008 – Seattle – Day 2 Talk Notes

Again, super long.

GTAC 2008 – Seattle – Day 1 Talk Notes

Sorry these are super long.