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PyCon Moment of ‘Doh!’

Me: I know what you were trying to do last night @ the TiP Open Space, Titus. Trying to get younger blood to take charge of the testing flag. Titus: You’re younger than me? Me: I’m 34. Titus: I’m 33. Me: Ah fuck.

PyCon 2009 Deep Thoughts, Part 1

Overall My third PyCon has come and gone. It’s strange in a way since PyCon 2007 – Dallas seems like it just happened yesterday. I wanted to sketch out some thoughts about this years conference before I forget them. Overall, I think PyCon 2009 – Chicago was really incredible. I think everyone involved should really […]

PyCon Talk Slides and Tutorial Site

While I loathe the term belt and suspenders … I’m a firm believer in Murphy’s Law. So … while I did upload a PDF of my slides to the PyCon 2009 site, I also made two public repositories on 1. Slides for my talk on comparing configuration systems are here. 2. The code for […]

On the Flipside

Today was the first day of PyCon 2009 tutorials. And for the first time, me and two of my teammates were on the other side of a tutorial. In 2007, at PyCon in Dallas, I attended Titus and Grig‘s tutorial on functional testing in Python. In 2008 at PyCon in Chicago, Pam and Kevin attended […]