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PyCon 2011 – Quick Review

Thursday – The rest of my team shipped out Wednesday afternoon, my wife asked me to stick around another night to help with the boy which resulted in me leaving crazy early on Thursday. The good news was that I made it to Atlanta without incident (there were four different screaming children around me) and […]

PyCon 2010 Ruminations

Friday – This day seemed more disjointed than most, which I’m going to hang on the fact that my MacBook was out of sorts. How out of sorts? 1 out of 3 boots failed and the audible feedback was three long beeps. More on that later. Here are my thoughts on the sessions I attended: […]

Page Objects, Google Wave and Why I Wish I Was In Zurich

The Google Test Automation Conference is going on in Zurich, Switzerland right now. And thanks to Jason Huggins‘ tweet and my Google Wave account, I’ve been able to see what’s been going on via this main wave. I’m slightly saddened by the fact that neither I or my team was able to go. In fact, […]

Roll Call: Women in Python

My colleague, Pam, is in the very beginning stages of trying to pull information about women in Python, and asked if I could help get the word out on Planet Python. If you know of any women actively using Python, send them Pam’s way, over here.