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No Choice

I think I’ve made it fairly clear that Mr. I has zero choice in deciding who he will root for when it comes to sports teams. I didn’t have a choice, my brothers didn’t have a choice and my father didn’t have a choice. Sorry. That’s living in Chicago. That said, this morning while bringing […]

Paging Daunte. Paging Daunte.

Listen, if you’re Daunte Culpepper and you’re called by Bill Belichek on Monday – you get on the first plane to Boston. Granted, he’s not the same player he was – he never will be. But, you put him on that team with Moss…and well, I think he could be a standout. Kind of amazed […]

2010 … The Year We Make Contact

OK, so it’s the first qualifying game for the 2010 World Cup on Wednesday night. Let’s forget a couple of things. Like … 1. The current FIFA ranking of 31. I understand we’re a bit down, but 31? Honestly. 2. The last minute tie we GAVE to the Netherlands in Beijing. 3. Altidore and Adu […]

Extra Innings

I had the luxury of attending last nights White Sox/Indians game @ the Cell thanks to my dad’s childhood friend. Thoughts on the game: Contreras just works too slow. I pretty much despise the entire Indians lineup. Respect, yes. But hate mostly. Huge double by Brian Anderson! Bobby Jenks’ back was stiff, hence the Linebrink […]