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I’m Against It

All this talk of trading Gordon Beckham for Adrian Gonzalez is dumb. Just remember that (1) you’ll have to package a front line pitcher like John Danks or Gavin Floyd or (2) you’ll need to give up Daniel Hudson and at least one other top pitching prospect and then (3) Gonzalez is a free agent […]

Hail Fail to the Redskins

Let me get this straight, the Redskins hire a consultant who a month ago was calling out bingo numbers for charity and then promote him to offensive coordinator?

Taking Down the Superbowl Champs

Some quick hitting NFL thoughts. * I was concerned after the first Steeler’s drive against the Bears. That was a tactical shredding. * Cutler took the checkdowns and stayed upright against a pressure defense. Nice work, O-line. * I hope our WR group continues to get dissed. While they’re not the upper echelon of the […]

Throwing Things

I’ve had a pretty lousy Sunday. I’ve been in what L. calls, ‘a mood’ all day. I’ll say this, I can’t stand it when the Bears are off the normal noon schedule. It messes up my week and basically makes me anxious for the better part of the day. With that said, my thoughts on […]