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Cleveland West

Let’s see … Kenny Lofton Jim Thome Manny Ramirez Omar Vizquel Roberto Alomar Bartolo Colon Albert Belle Sandy Alomar Herbert Perry (The Milkman) Julio Franco Players who played in Cleveland Indians teams and have also played on the White Sox. With Kenny Williams’ latest move of acquiring Manny Ramirez, I’m thinking it’s too little too […]

One Goal, Realized

Some random thoughts: 1. Really liked the pressure the ‘Hawks brought right out of the gate. They controlled the first two periods, quite well. 2. Credit this Philly team. Man, I think Daniel Briere is incredible. And Scott Hartnell, what a tough guy. Mike Richards, incredible. Michael Leighton, solid. Simone Gagne, solid. Ville Leino, great […]

One Goal

OK, ‘Hawks are up 3-2 with the next game in Philly. Things I Liked 1. Line Changes – I was a bit shocked when I saw Hossa/Kopecky/Toews on the first line and then even more shocked to see the rest of the line changes, but they worked. I appreciate the overall team chemistry that the […]

My Cousin Julius

OK, he’s not my cousin. However, should the Bears land him it will be required for our family to acquire Peppers jersey’ for the Bears and basically never have them go out of style. I mean it’s our last name! Also, if they land Chester Taylor as well … maybe next year won’t be a […]