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He’s In the Band!

Last week we were @ the Devonshire pool in Skokie. We went after work so there was really only a couple of hours to swim and most people were packing up to leave when we got there. I noticed a family next to us with one of their 6 year old boys wearing a Naked […]


After dinner we were listening to Band of Horses’ “Is There a Ghost.” The lyrics go like: I can sleep. I can sleep. I can sleep. I can sleep. When I lived alone, Is there a ghost in my house? Mr. I, asked me “Daddy, is that man sleepy and why are the ghosts bothering […]

Bucket of Random

I need to commit to posting more. Perhaps the more I lament how I don’t post will force me to post. Maybe. * 1000+ Disney World pictures can be see on my Picasa account. Very good time. Good weather and lots of fun. * Mr. I is riding a “big boy” bike with training wheels. […]

Duff Beer For You, Duff Beer For Me …

I planted a very dangerous seed in L.’s head about a month ago. I got an email from American Airlines that had a pretty hardcore discount on the Swan/Dolphin resort at Disney World in Orlando that set things in motion. I wasn’t some spoiled kid who went to Disney World every summer or Spring Break. […]