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Official: I’m Sick of Winter

I mentioned on my Twitter account yesterday and today how I’m simpluy just tired of winter. Several weeks ago when we got blasted by our last snowstorm, I was somewhat relieved since I figured it would be the last big barn buster of the season. Hopefully it will be the last, but I guess I’m […]

Dear El Toro

The day my father-in-law said I could have El Toro is a day I’ll never forget. I packed him up in the back of the truck after a particularly lame winter in 2005/2006 and winter has never been the same since. Sure, it still sucks to have to go outside but I can clear my […]

Whirlwind == Weekend

I did an “in and out” to Toronto last Wednesday with the Business cats, and then I was off on Friday as we were heading down to St. Louis for a wedding. So apologies for the lack of posts. Busy with work and busy at home. A couple of things to report though: The drive […]

Tiptoe in the Springtime

First day of Spring in Chicago! And predictably there’s a windchill of 15 degrees. Wait until June, eh? In other news, I was able to finally ‘grok’ some of the path problems that I was having with Python. A helping hand from a work colleague and reading finally getting around to reading chapters 15-17 in […]