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Duff Beer For You, Duff Beer For Me …

I planted a very dangerous seed in L.’s head about a month ago. I got an email from American Airlines that had a pretty hardcore discount on the Swan/Dolphin resort at Disney World in Orlando that set things in motion. I wasn’t some spoiled kid who went to Disney World every summer or Spring Break. […]

Passport Saga

So it’s been a nightmare trying to get James’ passport but I finally have it in my hands.  First of all, the hospital messed up and he got a birth certificate but not a social security number.  I had to go to the SSA office and apply for one which was fine except they said […]

Holiday Weekend Wrapup

Yeesh. Where do I start? L. was off last week. I think she needed the break from work, but you really don’t get a break when you have a 9 month old. Being the trooper that she is, she spent a lot of quality time with Mr. I while still being able to take care […]

Traveling: Reflections on Berlin

I’m currently in Dublin Airport en route back from Berlin.  The trip was good – I was presenting a paper at the Law and Society Association annual meeting.  My friend Jennifer, who many of you know, was also there and her university paid for the trip so I was able to save some money by […]