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New TV

Our old Samsung LN-R408D broke about 2 months ago. The single HDMI connection fell off the board when I pulled the HDMI connection out to troubleshoot a “red” screen. When I say, “fell off the board” I mean it litterally came unsoldered and the input connection fell behind the TV. Normally, I’m not a fan […]

Death To SpeedStream 5360

Our DSL connection has been on the fritz for the past week and it was really driving me bonkers. I went through the whole process of troubleshooting: 1. DSL light on modem [check] 2. Remove wireless from equation [check] 3. Reset DSL account password [check] 4. Reboot OS X (which never needs it) [check] 5. […]

The TV Debate

Had dinner with Jay and Miller, with their respective wives, on Saturday. They say hello to all. Anyway… Jay and I got on the conversation about TV’s. Plasma vs. DLP vs. LCD. I think a lot of the picture has to do with where the TV is located, Sunny vs dark room, viewing distance, etc. […]


I know there’s been some discussion about this before but Mike and I are in the market for a new bed – we love our Sealy but it’s only a full and we think it’s time for a king.  We tried a few yesterday and both were really enthused by the tempur-pedic (particularly the GrandBed, […]