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Scary Things

No, I won’t talk about how Conservatives of the world are scaring me with their socialism talk. In fact, this is going to a post of a lighter kind. I was locking up the house tonight before going to bed, and when I was @ the back door I chuckled as I was reminded of […]

Dear El Toro

The day my father-in-law said I could have El Toro is a day I’ll never forget. I packed him up in the back of the truck after a particularly lame winter in 2005/2006 and winter has never been the same since. Sure, it still sucks to have to go outside but I can clear my […]

That’s Stupid

Several months ago while @ the local *cue banjo music* Menards, I purchased a tandem shovel and ice scraper. I think it cost something like $15 for nice steel core winter necessities, which was a bargain. When I got home, much to my surprise L. said something like, “What on earth are we ever going […]

Woke Up This Morning

…Got L and Mr. I out of the house so he could go to his dentists appointment. Then I waited for the arborists, tree trimmers. Not to be confused with hippies who wail over dead trees. They got to the house around 8, I showed them the silver maple that was to be crown trimmed. […]