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Owning a Home

It’s been one of those summers. Right now I’m working with a roofer to replace one of my skylights. Also, it appears my washer is causing my circuit breaker to trip … it likely means the washer is dead or dying. Also, my primary chimney might make it one more winter … but that too […]

What I’m Good At When Painting …

L. painted our sunroom this weekend. Noticed I said, L. and not L. and I. See, I’m a lousy painter … OK not lousy, but since I’m not the most patient man in the world I suck at all things. However, what I am good at is: 1. Rinsing paint brushes 2. Rinsing paint rollers […]

Blah blah blah

As you can see, I haven’t been blogging much lately. I lay the blame on two things: (1) Twitter and (2) Being Busy. I was late to the game on this Twitter thing. Very late. In fact, I threw a lot of disdain on Twitter saying, “…only dumb people use it.” But then I noticed […]

Random Thoughts

1. PyCon condensed tutorial given to test audience. Great feedback given. 2. PyCon talk on configuration options given to test audience. Even better feedback. 3. PyCon talk on configuration options will be given to one more test audience today and more next week. 4. Pitchfork Music Fest tickets have arrived. 5. We put a new […]