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Fatty Crab

Mike and I went to Fatty Crab last night. We went to their original location a good few years ago but they just opened a new location on the Upper West Side which is much handier so Amanda babysat and we got our eat on – Malaysian Street Food. Overall, it was an excellent meal. We got five dishes. […]

2008 Food Review

Mrs. Bone and I did the knife class at Sur la Table.  Highly recommend it for everyone.  (Is DMadsen still in the Chi?)  It got me thinking about food.  I realized that only Vince commented on our best meals/restaurants.  I won’t include the tasting for my wedding because I ate three to four meals in […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday.  As usual we are going to Mark and Veronica’s  with the turkey cooked outside on the grill being the highlight. This year there will be 5 children – ages 3, 2 1/2, 1, 7mo, 4mo – craziness ensues!  Aileen and Pat had their baby last Thursday – a boy Ryan, so they […]

Fatherhood is …

…rushing home from work to make dinner. …getting a panicked call from your wife while making dinner. …listening to a panicked wife on the phone say, “He just threw up. Get ready…” …opening a car door, and seeing your puke covered son say happily, “Hi Daddy!” …donning a pair of gloves, removing puke covered son […]