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Her Active Life

Okay, this is a shameless plug for Bridget’s new website, Her Active Life, which is devoted to women and fitness. Who doesn’t like women and fitness!? Bridget has just posted a personal running story and has called on her readers to share their stories too. please drop by and let her know what you think!

New Look

We’ll try this one out for now. Comments are welcome.


I upgraded WordPress. Some annoying features like archives being long and my playlist missing have popped up. But whatever. I’m going to peruse some themes on the WordPress site today and find one I like and upload that. Otherwise, mail me if you notice any problems.


Tobias reports that comments are messed up. And yeah, he’s right. I’ll troubleshoot tonight. Update: Comments are fixed. Permissions were hosed up on this. However, I’ve taken the time to back up the database so I might as well do the upgrade tomorrow. Stay tuned, might be some downtime.