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New World Rankings

The World Rankings are out. Spain and France sit at #2 while the beloved Azzurri move up 2 to 12. We’ll break the top 10 once again…. I hope…,69201.html

Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf II

In another life he was a football manager, here are some sxcerpts of his press conferences!!!

a little humor

In this time of fear and unknowing, I bring to you all a funny little story that can be summed up in one (new) word Tysonesque…. FA Cup hero has ear bitten off: Forward George Reilly, who scored Watford’s winning goal in the 1984 FA Cup semi-final, has had his ear bitten off by a […]

Rage or Soundgarden?

I saw the Audioslave show at the Riv last night. It was ok. They’re a decent rock band but I don’t think that Cornell’s voice works with Morello’s style of guitar playing. I expected Big Zack to come flying out at the beginning of the show. They were better as 2 seperate bands… Opening band: […]