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In Chicago this weekend

Anyone want to do drinks or dinner this Friday (8/28)?  We’re in town for a Saturday wedding.  We’re joining the wedding people at a Cubs game during the day on Friday but plan on being around that evening. And who ever was texting me this weekend – no clue who that was – I dont […]

Help RE: Songs from movie drug scenes

Making a new play list for the car.  And some how this struck me as a quality play list.  Starting to flesh it out right now. Currently have the obvious: White Rabbit – Jefferson Airplane Gimme Shelter – Rolling Stones All Along the Watchtower – Hendrix White Room – Cream Looking for contributions.

JPod – Douglas Coupland

Read this book cover to cover on Saturday.  Highly recommended not just because it’s good, but because I was constantly relating the office interactions between the characters back to what I image the elder Peppers’ daily life at work must be like. Great book.  Read it.

Firefox April Fools Day Joke or Conficker.c?

So – here’s my theory.  Conficker erases all of the bookmarks someone has stored in a Firefox browser. Because they were all there yesterday.  and they are all gone now. or its just an evil April Fools Day joke by the Firefox people.