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David Foster Wallace’s Breakup letter in the Onion

For anyone who (like me) attempted, but couldn’t finish, Infinite Jest, this is priceless.

Take the Punk quiz

After all that pointless Emo-debate, you knew that there would be a test. Take it here.

The Stranger’s Alcohol Study

The Stranger, an independent weekly newspaper from Seattle, has done some ground-breaking work on the correlation between the type of alcohol one imbibes and one’s resulting behavior. Put simply, the report shakes the foundation of all that we knew, or thought that we knew, about drinking. An excerpt from one of the study’s case histories […]

The Coolhunter

William Gibson’s new novel, “Pattern Recognition,” has garnered a very favorable review from the New York Times. The plot concerns a “coolhunter’s” search for the next big thing, and it seems an apt read for the blog in light of the recent emo-wars. Read the review here. A free subscription is required.