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Babies R’Us

I think many of you know this already, but I am expecting another baby this May!  And we just found out today that it’s going to be, yep, another boy.  The genetic testing we had done went well also.  He’s a-ok.  Can’t rule out the PTSD this poor kid will have later in life when […]

Potty humor

Please, please, please Terry.  Tell us the story of Mr. I and falling into the toilet. Ed. Response: Potty training has been kind of a nightmare in general. I should say, however, that for the past two days Mr. I has basically been dry as a bone during the day and has exercised serious bladder […]

Gross-out stories

In the 29 months Henry’s been alive, we’ve seen some of he grossest things imaginable.  #3 being Henry projectile barfing all over the family room during a brunch with friends, #2 being Henry’s pacifier falling into a duck pond at a Chicago park and a kind father retrieving said pacifier with a stick and handing […]

Easter Tails

Any good Easter stories?  Ours included the introduction of Henry to his New York cousin Annapaola…and his introduction to the Easter Bunny who wore the same costume as the rabbit in “Donny Darko.”  Freaked us out a bit. We also made an epic Easter dinner, complete with roasted lamb, chicken, potatoes, asparagus and flourless chocolate […]