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PyCon 2011 – Quick Review

Thursday – The rest of my team shipped out Wednesday afternoon, my wife asked me to stick around another night to help with the boy which resulted in me leaving crazy early on Thursday. The good news was that I made it to Atlanta without incident (there were four different screaming children around me) and […]

The Results Are In!

So I finally had a followup to my MRI last week with my Podiatrist. It turns out I have a couple of things working against me: #1. Focal marrow edema in my ankle #2. Chronic tears of anterior talofibular ligament (ATF) The current writeup is that a prior injury has wiped out the ATF in […]

Twilight Singers – Dynamite Steps

I’m pretty excited for the next release by The Twilight Singers. I was looking around today and found this excellent track on Sound Cloud called “On the Corner.” It’s got one of those great Afghan Wigs-y breaks @ 2:40 … The Twilight Singers – On The Corner by subpop Yeah, it isn’t Gentlemen but really […]

It is the middle ground between light and shadow …

The SyFy (formerly Sci-Fi) channel had it’s bi-annual Twilight Zone marathon over New Year’s Eve. I DVR’d a bunch of episodes, but we got to talking today at work about favorite episodes, and I started rattling them all off – by title – much to the amazement of some of my co-workers. Here’s a sampling […]