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weekend before memorial day and memorial day weekend

Couple of things, peeps. [1] Who’s going to the Barrons in Indy the not this weekend, but next weekend (5/22)? [2] Who all is going to be in town on Memorial Day weekend? I’ve heard that the whole crew will be reunited like Voltron, but wasn’t sure if people were bailing or not.

haiku friday

today is friday you know what that means people get your haiku on

peeing on your hands

OK, this has to be the weirdest of the weird, people. First there’s this from the Sun Times: On Wednesday, Dusty Baker’s daily little rant was about reports that Moises Alou urinates on his hands before games as some sort of made-up remedy to avoid callouses. It embarrassed Alou, partly because, well, it’s disgusting, and […]

Bike the Drive

L. and I were thinking about doing Bike the Drive this year. It’s on 2004.05.30 (Sunday) I know it might be pretty hard garnering interest for an early Sunday morning ride – anyone interested? If not this, then we were also thinking about the LATE (Long After Twilight Ends) Organized ride on 2004.07.10/11 (2004.07.10/11). This […]